Account Director

Listen. We get it. Looking for a job right now probably wasn’t at the top of your ideal to-do list. But at the risk of sounding trite, we’re glad you’re reading this. Our team at WHYFOR is looking for an Account Director to come in and take our Account Team “to the next level.” What the heck does that even mean? Well, we want YOU to define that. We have some ideas, but, honestly, this would be your team. So show us what you got.

We know job hunting, interviewing and onboarding are a little, well, wonky, in these days of social distancing and quarantine, but let’s make the most of it, shall we?

As WHYFOR Account Director, your primary responsibility is the management of our client relationships. You must be responsive, proactive, reliable and solutions-oriented — all while looking great in [insert favorite quarantine attire].

While WHYFOR does have a Strategy Team, you must also think strategically, asking the right questions at the right time — while taking [insert favorite quarantine snack] breaks, of course. Thinking critically and strategically ensures our clients understand our number one mandate — leading with purpose.

Communication is also key. Whether by email, phone, Zoom or (one day!) in person, you can lead a productive conversation with internal teams and clients alike. And if you have to listen to [insert favorite quarantine jam] to get pumped up beforehand, even better!

You’d also sit on WHYFOR’s leadership team, acting as the voice of the Account Team and collaborating with other team leads to guide the agency’s growth and culture. And yes, that includes occasional business development.

Still interested? Crack open a [insert favorite quarantine beverage] and read on!


  • Create professional development plans to ensure growth for individual account team members
  • Work with all teams to ensure quality deliverables meet the strategic objectives and are delivered on time and within budget
  • Contribute at least one .gif in the team Slack channel every month (JK … but really ….)
  • Work with clients at a senior level on a day-to-day basis
  • Promote the expansion of business with existing clients
  • Collaborate with pitch teams, as needed, on new business initiatives
  • Push clients, and the agency, creatively and strategically
  • Monitor the success of client performance
  • Tell us how to use funny Zoom filters — we still can’t figure it out
  • Execute scopes of work and agreements, contracts and proposals
  • Work with accounting to ensure accurate invoicing and billing
  • Keep up with your clients’ industries (trends, etc.)
  • Actively participate in WHYFOR’s culture — we’re not a “ping-pong table in the lobby” kind of agency (although, no one’s seeing our lobby at all right now), but we still know how to have a good time
  • You’ve never uttered the words “that’s not my job.”


You know the drill:

  • You have to have, like, done account management before — maybe even for a while
  • You have a background in advertising, design, marketing and digital
  • You can hold your own in a conversation with business leaders
  • You’re the living embodiment of the difference between confidence and arrogance (guess which one we are looking for)
  • You can be persuasive without being pushy — because you know how to listen
  • You can string a coherent sentence together in an email
  • You know how to lead a team to success and develop them in their own career journeys
  • You have an attention to detail, but you’re still able to see the big picture
  • You can take constructive criticism

Still reading? Great! While our current situation is unique (or, as the case may be, not that unique after all!) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the health and wellbeing of our staff, their families and our clients is of utmost importance. We’re currently a fully remote office, adhering to CDC guidelines for social distancing and Arizona’s own “Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected” initiative. While we will equip you with a computer and monitor, access to stable Wi-Fi is a requirement for this role.

When the CDC, local authorities and, most importantly, our own team feels it’s safe to return to our offices, we operate as an in-office agency, enjoying a collaborative work environment for our internal teams and, often, our clients, too. Occasional travel is required for client visits, new business presentations and planning — assuming any of us remember how to board a plane by that point.

We tried to cover all of our bases, but we’re sure you have questions (or we hope you do!). Send us your application, include a cover letter explaining why you’re the perfect fit for the WHYFOR Account Director role and then curl up on the couch and unwind to an episode of [insert your favorite quarantine binge show] — you deserve it.


If Interested email your resume to