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About Us

Whether it’s driving revenue, launching a brand, promoting a cause or igniting a movement, our work is a reflection of our people. We are a collective of thinkers, creators, writers, and dreamers who’ve come together to create meaningful connections between people and brands.

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CHRIS NORWOOD, principal & chief executive strategist

Beneath the outgoing and fun-loving exterior, a surprisingly logical and methodical view of the world helps Chris get to heart of WHYFOR clients’ advertising and marketing challenges. Having been around the block a few times, he sees things a little differently than most and can cut through a lot of the BS that can bog down a project or a campaign.


With over a dozen years of experience at the helm of several advertising and design agencies, his resume includes a diverse mix of clients from community foundations to Fortune 100s. And while not a designer, his ability to walk the line between strategy and creativity helps WHYFOR clients understand the process, and more importantly, helps the creative teams understand the needs of clients.

ROB NICOLETTI, principal & chief creative strategist

Rob Nicoletti brings technical insight and skill to his passion for marketing, advertising and design. Rob is responsible for the visual look and feel of all of WHYFOR’s creative efforts. A strong believer in our mantra, Design with Purpose, Rob’s designs are always as compelling and functional as they are beautiful.


Prior to founding WHYFOR, Rob was the Art Director for Boelts-Stratford, a Tucson-based design studio where he accumulated numerous Addy™ awards for creative excellence. Prior to that, Rob worked in New York for Curran & Connors, Inc., the nation’s largest firm specializing in the design and production of annual reports, corporate literature and new media.

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