HALO©: Integrate From Above to Influence Below

While most of our competitors are still focusing on impressions and clicks, our unique approach shifts the focus to maximizing your ROI and turning prospects into customers, regardless of where they are in their buying journey.

WHYFOR’s approach allows organizations to examine the entirety of their brand from an elevated view – focusing on both its primary core and secondary external hubs. This method allows for each component of the brand to be measured and analyzed individually, yet simultaneous to the holistic integration of all components in the quest to influence audiences and achieve corporate objectives. We call this proprietary approach HALO©.

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Once the primary core is established, we use secondary hubs to engage and influence:

- Recognition

Building brand awareness through definition, planning, execution and analysis

- Relationships

Bridging gaps and breaking siloes between internal stakeholders to create harmony

- Reputation

Developing a positive brand perception to influence current and prospective customers

- Recruitment

Ensuring that you’re attracting the best candidates from the existing talent pool

- Revenue

Driving financial results that are stable and predictable over the long term

- Retention

Creating loyalty within both your customer base and your internal stakeholders

We’ve had a tremendous response to HALO by WHYFOR and we are at capacity for 2019.

While we’re no longer accepting new clients this year, please email us to submit your brand for consideration for 2020.

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