WHYFOR H.A.L.O. TOWN HALL | August 25th, 11am

You’re doing what you think you should to survive right now in a pandemic-influenced, anxious marketplace. And it’s insanely difficult. But, what if you’re not making the right moves? And what if no one’s willing to tell you?

There’s a 90% chance you’re focusing on the wrong things. And every minute you invest in reacting is time and money wasted, pushing your business closer to extinction. But, that doesn’t have to be your story. Get out of the weeds and take an aerial view of your business. At the H.A.L.O. Town Hall, that’s where we want you to sit. Above, looking down on your success.

On August 25th, WHYFOR founder and H.A.L.O. creator Rob Nicoletti will guide you through strategies and exercises, introduce tools and tactics, and present statistical data to support financial decisions that will allow your business to survive, grow and thrive in this suddenly very new environment.

You need this and you know it. Because survival is something you’re choosing.

“I have been blown away by H.A.L.O. — and WHYFOR’s ability to get to the heart of a client’s consumer in ways few other agencies can.”

Scott Elser, EOS® Implementer, The Traction Hub

H.A.L.O. is a holistic business system that leverages the inner workings of every business to best define, plan and measure success. It’s a DNA-infused roadmap that uses business objectives to drive strategy and strategy to inspire tactics — which lead to measurable outcomes. H.A.L.O. deconstructs the consumer experience and rebuilds business operations to more effectively influence behavior. It’s genetic testing for business.

WHYFOR, a strategic marketing agency, is first to admit it’s a little different. It rejects the “agency” label, because it doesn’t believe in vendor mark-ups, media commissions and unnecessarily bloated retainers. It just believes in fighting for good ideas, harnessing intel on audience behavior and leveraging holistic organizational knowledge – all products of WHYFOR’s transformative H.A.L.O. branding exercise, where structural philosophies, psychodynamics and audience behavior strongarm a strategic approach. .

Rob Nicoletti is an entrepreneur and business strategist who is passionate about his ability to help businesses grow and scale. As the architect of H.A.L.O., a holistic business system, Rob’s invaluable guidance has allowed hundreds of CEOs and business leaders around the world to implement customized growth strategies that directly influence positive outcomes. Rob has won the creative awards and earned the industry accolades, but he prefers the impact his strategies have had in realizing more than $1 billion in revenue for his clients. His gift is bridging the brand-specific gap between the business and the consumer, regardless of the industry. And his expertise is rooted in discovering how to influence behavior and leveraging it for business goals.

“We spend millions on business consultants who barely touch on what we are talking about here.”

Nicole Williams, VP Operations Take2/RockStar Games