Business owners are trying to succeed during some of the most uncertain times. A global pandemic, economic distress and movements for social progress are presenting businesses and brands with unique challenges — all at once.

But, we’re in a reset era, a time where corporations can freeze and fall behind or flex and find opportunities to evolve. We’re at a crossroads for brand survival in a disheveled marketplace. It’s time to clearly define, plan for and measure success.

“How will you survive?”

WHYFOR founder and H.A.L.O. creator Rob Nicoletti will guide you through strategies and exercises, introduce tools and tactics, and present statistical data to support financial decisions that will allow your business to survive, grow and thrive in this suddenly very new environment.

Put simply, this new landscape requires a new approach.

Space at the H.A.L.O. Town Hall is limited. Reserve your spot to dive in and think critically, and differently, about what lies ahead.

“This really should be taught in business school”

Dr. Mark Pirtle, Skillfully Aware


H.A.L.O. is a holistic business system that leverages the inner workings of every relationship to best manage a brand or a business. It’s a DNA-infused roadmap that uses business objectives to drive strategy and strategy to inspire tactics — which lead to measurable outcomes. H.A.L.O. deconstructs the consumer experience and rebuilds business operations to more effectively influence behavior. It’s genetic testing for business.

“We spend millions on business consultants who
barely touch on what we are talking about here.”

Nicole Williams, VP Operations Take2/RockStar Games

Arcwood® is a specialist in assisting employers with Benefit and Human Resource related functions. Our highly dedicated, knowledgeable professionals bring more than 75 years’ expertise to our clients. We provide effective solutions and tools to implement and remain compliant with federal and state laws. We take pride in what we do, and it shows. Our average client has been with us for over 10 years; we are your forever consultant.We consistently succeed in developing strategic benefit plans with systems to improve efficiencies and compliance. Our team holds HIPAA and ACA certifications, AIF®, CFP®, REBC®, and PHR® designations, and understand the value we bring to employers to keep them complaint with federal and local laws.

WHYFOR, a creative and strategic agency born in Tucson in 2008, is first to admit it’s a little different. It almost rejects the “agency” label, because it doesn’t believe in vendor mark-ups, media commissions and unnecessarily bloated retainers. It just believes in fighting for good ideas, harnessing intel on audience behavior and leveraging holistic organizational knowledge – all products of WHYFOR’s transformative H.A.L.O. branding exercise, where structural philosophies, psychodynamics and audience behavior strongarm a strategic approach. WHYFOR is nimble, fast, budget-conscious and efficient. It’s an agency that can bob and weave, supporting creative and production needs, while also keeping a bird’s-eye view on big picture objectives and branding. It’s a balancing act in the name of results. Because WHYFOR believes in results.

Rob Nicoletti is a business owner and strategic creator with an undeniable passion for the success of his clients. A strong believer in WHYFOR’s mantra, Design with Purpose, Rob believes that research and strategy are the key catalysts for real results. Prior to founding WHYFOR, Rob served as Art Director for Boelts-Stratford, a Tucson-based design studio where he accumulated an astounding 20 Addy® awards for creative excellence over a three-year period. To Rob, awards are fine, but results are better.