GO Car Wash

Client Background

GO Car Wash, a growth-minded, drive-thru car wash experience, began small — with locations in Kansas and Missouri — and expanded by adding locations in Nevada and Texas. By assuming ownership of an already operational car wash, GO Car Wash simply needed to rebrand and establish its own presence in the market and carry that through to each new location.

The Challenge

GO Car Wash, operating in a quick-serve industry that offers minimal customer interaction, needed to find a way to establish a memorable, friendly brand presence that stood out from its competitors and resonated with drivers who love their vehicles. That branding would need to be used across exterior signage, on its website, in any advertising and on employee uniforms.

The Tools

The Opportunity

Market research indicated an opportunity for playful messaging with a nostalgic feel, leaning on a theme of exploration told through an authentic, relatable voice.

The Creative Concept

After considering a brand refresh versus a full rebrand, GO Car Wash chose the look and feel of an entirely new concept, which relied on a retro color scheme courtesy the Gulf GT40 Livery, incorporated the feel and experience reminiscent of a pit crew and showcased a clean, vintage energy.


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