Three Marketing Musts for 2022

It’s a new year, which means new commitments, new focus, and a new tank of optimistic fuel for the months ahead. Just flipping the calendar one page seems to do that to us every year. 

Statistics indicate that about a quarter of Americans commit to New Year’s resolutions, which sounds like a pretty loud minority, since content dedicated to resolutions seems to be everywhere — as if everyone makes them.

We’re not here to convince you to jump on that hopeful bandwagon, but we are here to look ahead, plan for what is to come and strategize how to make 2022 more successful than 2021. Because success doesn’t just happen. It takes planning. 

We’ve been scanning industry trends, reviewing forecasts and plucking insights from the successful tactics we’ve implemented for clients, and in doing so, we’ve come up with a focused grab-bag of strategic suggestions for the year ahead. 

Lucky for you, we were able to boil them down to three key takeaways, because there was some overlap and — let’s be honest — who has time to digest lists that offer dozens upon dozens of different ways to improve your marketing presence? 

You’re busy running businesses and steering brands. And these three are genuinely the keepers for the year ahead.

Look ahead. See what’s on the horizon and strategize how to make it work for you and your brand. Augmented and virtual reality are gaining traction at an exponential pace — hello, Meta — so it pays for brands to think big, scope out that high-tech curve and see how to maximize it. Along the same lines, research and understand potential challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, such as changes to digital privacy and cookies, that may diminish the efficacy of digital advertising. Once you dig into that intel, you may decide to go in a different direction. 

Double down on what works. Understand what makes your business grow by looking at what has worked for you previously. How do you do that? By scouring the data you’ve collected from different campaigns. You may find that specific messaging on display ads are leading to more click-throughs or you may see that the ROI from influencer-supported campaigns isn’t as great as you had hoped — or vice versa. This type of strategic post-game analysis is exactly how we inform our upcoming campaigns for clients, two of which are finding that targeted and segmented email campaigns are leading to improved engagement and off-the-charts click-through and conversion rates. 

Invest in the experience. Focus on experiences, no matter where they are. Online algorithms are optimizing for user experience, which means if you want your brand’s content to be seen, it needs to offer an experience the targeted user is craving. That may mean that hard and fast SEO tactics could and should take a backseat in favor of user experience. The same goes for a user’s interaction with a brand — at every point, no matter what that point is, the experience during the interaction needs to be something the user may enthusiastically tweet about. 

Want to continue this conversation, with specifics, for your brand? Reach out — we’re happy to talk about 2022 tactics that could help you!