Account Director

Listen. We get it. Looking for a job right now probably wasn’t at the top of your ideal to-do list. But at the risk of sounding trite, we’re glad you’re reading this. Our team at WHYFOR is looking for an Account Director to come in and take our Account Team “to the next level.” What the heck does that even mean? Well, we want YOU to define that. We have some ideas, but, honestly, this would be your team. So show us what you got.

We know job hunting, interviewing and onboarding are a little, well, wonky, in these days of social distancing and quarantine, but let’s make the most of it, shall we?

As WHYFOR Account Director, your primary responsibility is the management of our client relationships. You must be responsive, proactive, reliable and solutions-oriented — all while looking great in [insert favorite quarantine attire].

While WHYFOR does have a Strategy Team, you must also think strategically, asking the right questions at the right time — while taking [insert favorite quarantine snack] breaks, of course. Thinking critically and strategically ensures our clients understand our number one mandate — leading with purpose.

Communication is also key. Whether by email, phone, Zoom or (one day!) in person, you can lead a productive conversation with internal teams and clients alike. And if you have to listen to [insert favorite quarantine jam] to get pumped up beforehand, even better!

You’d also sit on WHYFOR’s leadership team, acting as the voice of the Account Team and collaborating with other team leads to guide the agency’s growth and culture. And yes, that includes occasional business development.

Still interested? Crack open a [insert favorite quarantine beverage] and read on!

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