Sundt Construction

The Challenge

In business, celebrating 125 years of is a pretty big deal. As part of a year-long series of celebrations, The Sundt Companies engaged WHYFOR to develop branding for its 125th Anniversary and also to design and produce a coffee table book showcasing 125 different clients and projects. A unique 3D-printed housing affectionately called “Sundt City” was created to bring many of Sundt’s accomplishments and experiences to life in a tangible fashion. As a nod to the next 125 years of innovation, WHYFOR worked with students from Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and Ohlone College, who participated in a design competition guided by their own creative talent and imaginations. Five student designs were selected and used to begin each chapter.


Sundt Construction



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Vantage West Credit Union

Le Nichoir

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