This is what we’re made of

Sometimes you can talk to someone for hours at a party (remember those?) and never really get to a meaty, meaningful conversation until it’s late and you find a quiet spot on the patio to toss around philosophies and principles.

That’s where we’re at.

Imagine a chill soundtrack in the background and twinkly bistro lights overhead, because we think it’s time you know what we — at WHYFOR — stand for. And yes, guy-who’s-known-us-too-long, we’re talking about our values, which we actually have.

Wisecracks aside, our values at WHYFOR honestly guide our work. They’re not just some words we cooked up in a brainstorm, inserted into a presentation and then buried in a folder in the depths of our server.

Some companies do that. It’s a mistake. And we’re not “some companies.” We’re the people who actually take our own medicine, because we believe in it and because it works. So, as a brand that works with other brands to identify, formalize and embrace their own values, here’s what we value.

This is us.

We influence the world we want to live in. That means, we don’t just partner with anybody. We partner with brands we believe in, knowing they give us an opportunity to influence the world for the better. It also means we easily find pride in our work, which is a nice byproduct of solid values.

We have an intrepid nature. We go. We look for answers, we discover new ways to do things — especially if they make more sense — and we look for those traits in our teammates. We’re not really satisfied with “enough,” so we’re constantly relying on our inner ambition and drive to lead us to “better.”

We take action. Reacting is not our game. We prefer the view out front, from a proactive perspective. So, we seize opportunities, embrace an ownership mindset within and we meet every commitment. We don’t really know any other way to work.

We adopt respectful candor. Difficult conversations are … difficult. But we encourage them, within and with clients. It’s part of what makes us genuine, along with the fact that we always say what we mean. In the end, we’re confident that our words and actions lead to positive results, even if it means wading through some uncomfortable exchanges.

We are purposeful. If we can’t measure it, we don’t do it. How about that? We are always driven by purpose, which means we always start with the “why.” And for us, solid “whys” are solidly measurable.

When absorbed in one big bite, like those incredible stuffed mushrooms your friend made at the last get-together you went to nine years ago (or so it feels), all of our values flow right into each other. To be purposeful, we need to have squirmy conversations. To be intrepid we need to be actionable.

It all fits together nicely, because it’s our genetic code.

So, there you have it. The party’s over and now you know a little more about who you’ve been hanging out with for this last little bit. And hey, don’t feel weird about asking — we’ll totally give you our number.

There’s more to talk about.